architektura wnętrz licuem prywatne łódź



In this course, we teach interesting ways of designing an interior and arranging furniture. We attach importance to developing drawing skills, therefore our students have many opportunities to make freehand projects by using a wide range of art & drawing accessories. 

Students learn how to use professional computer programs that aid designers and let them make visualisations:

  • ArCon 6+
  • Wymarzony ogród 3D
  • Pro100
  • ArchiCad
  • Realtime Landscaping Architect
  • Google SketchUp

This course is tailor-made for people who are creative, of so called "artistic soul", and not devoid of spatial awareness. The classes are taught by architects and designers of interior decoration

Why choose architecture?

You will get adept at freehand architecture drawing.

You will get the feel of aesthetic and functional designing.

You will learn how to use designing programs. 

You will look into the designing craft.

We offer special consultations for students who are willing to apply for architectonic studies at a University. 

After finishing the course, students obtain a certification of the acquired skills.