You are invited to join a bilingual class (with Spanish as the language of instruction) with an Iberian and Ibero-American specialisation.

If you like to use your time effectively, and acquire original knowledge and skills, we would like to present you a new addition to our offer – a class with Spanish as the language of instruction, focused on the culture of Spanish-speaking countries.

Learning in a bilingual class consists of two stages. The first stage is the so-called introductory year, during which we put emphasis on the thorough learning process of Spanish, so that already in the 1st class students are able to understand the subjects taught in this language without any problems. The introductory year consists of 20 (!) hours of language study  per week, which is two more hours per week than stipulated by the Ministry of Education. The classes are conducted not only by highly qualified philologists, but also by native speakers of Spanish.

In the introductory year, we start teaching Spanish from scratch and continue according to our original programme, so knowledge of Spanish is not required for recruitment, although it will certainly be helpful.

Starting from the 1st class, in addition to general education subjects in Polish and the continuation of practical Spanish language lessons (6 hours per week), there will also be: modern history and geography with elements of culture (with emphasis on Spanish-speaking countries, and the relationship between the Iberian Peninsula and Latin America). These subjects will be taught in Spanish.

Bilingual education lasts 5 years (including the introductory year) and culminates in the matriculation examination at bilingual level. It confirms the acquisition of advanced language skills. The bilingual diploma opens the door to admission to universities in Spanish-speaking countries, without the need for any additional proof of language skills. In case of Polish universities, the bilingual diploma enables gaining additional points in the process of recruitment.

When you graduale from high school, wouldn’t it be great to be fluent in the language spoken by over 650 million pe ople worldwide?

Would you like to explore the secrets of great civilisations and find out what an exciting part of the world Spain and Latin America are?

If you said ‘yes’ to both of above questions, then a bilingual class with an Iberian and Ibero-American specialisation is undoubtedly the ideal choice.

What else do we guarantee?

- Tutorials for those who are interested, which are of an individual character. During tutorials, teachers explain any doubts concerning the discussed material.

- Periodic conversations with native speakers.

- Second foreign language: German, English, Russian, or French.

- We have prepared LO-GKJ scholarships for the students who achieve the best results in Spanish, i.e. a trip to an intensive Spanish course in one of the Spanish-speaking countries. The average Spanish grade from the introductory year and the 1st class will be taken into consideration.

- The choice of subjets to be studied in the so-called extension is made by each student according to his/her own interests.

- We have a Spanish language section in our library (textbooks, dictionaries and literature in Spanish, corresponding to the different levels of language proficiency). Students can use them on site or borrow specific volumes to take home.

Recruitment to the introductory year:

Recruitment for the year 2021/2022 is based on the outcome of the interview held in early June. To arrange a specific date, please contact the school secretariat.

Please note: knowledge of Spanish is NOT required.

Recruitment directly to the first class:

Prior study of Spanish for a minimum of 4 years in primary school is required. During the reqruitment process, the Spanish grade obtained at the end of the 8th class semester will be taken into account, as well as the result of the interview. Interviews will be held in early June. To arrange a specific date, please contact the school secretariat.

Note: Those who have received a grade lower than 4 for the semester of 8th class of primary school, or who have studied Spanish for less than 4 years, will be asked to take a language test. The date is set individually. The subject field for the test will appear on our website in May.