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GKJ Schools welcome You to the teen high school and the adult high school in Łódź.

Szkoły GKJ zapraszają do liceum dla młodzieży oraz liceum dla dorosłych w Łodzi.

Why choose GKJ?

Well, there're many reasons but above all...

Approach to the Student

We believe school should be not only a place to learn at but also a sort of second home filled with positive aura, trust, and mutual toleration. Not just an institution but also a place where friends are made, and dreams and talents are discovered. High school is one of the most pivotal periods in young people's lives, as it constitutes their introduction to the adult, responsible life. Obviously, it is solid education that lets one choose the proper life path. We are well aware of that, therefore we do our utmost so that the knowledge acquired at our school can allow one to undertake an interesting job or enter further education stages with ambition and creativity. We believe the crucial value, which must be cherished at all times, is student's inner motivation. Criticism and frustration caused by the past failures too often make young people give up their plans and dreams, despite the fact that with a little bit of support and enthusiasm on the teacher's part, they could succeed and feel their effort is effective. At GKJ high school, we consider everybody an individual of many talents, sometimes yet to be discovered.

nowoczesne nauczanie prywatne liceum łódź

Modern Teaching Methods

In teaching, we use modern technological facilities and interactive study aids, including: iPods, touchboards, and students' favourite programmable robots. The school equipment includes a professional gym, fitness facilities, as well as rooms for classes of a more practical nature: a beauty treatment room, an architectural room, a hairdressing studio, and a computer lab. There are also numerous rooms dedicated to specific subjects (including language labs), a rich library (course books, foreign publications, compulsory books), a tuck shop with a canteen and a garden, as well as open-access WI-FI.

wyspecjalizowana kadra prywatne liceum dla młodzieży

The Staff

The students are guided by a group of qualified teachers, most of which are the matura exam examiners. Our graduates continue their education at universities, and they have no trouble finding jobs. Many of them start their own businesses and become employers. Our teachers are people to whom teaching and guiding teenagers equals providing them with happy, safe maturing in a creative environment.

GKJ high school for teenagers is an opportunity to learn under comfortable conditions, and with the usage of up-to-date technology. The groups are no bigger than about 18 students so that they can make the most of the knowledge offered to them. Our goal is a solid but also stress-free teaching process with the room for cherishing individual passions and interests. Learning isn't a tedious duty but a fascinating privilege. Visit us and see for Yourself.

GKJ high school for adults is extramural, and the classes take place every second weekend. The students are obliged to take up one of the foreign languages: English, German, or Russian. When being a student, one is entitled to a survivor's pension, child maintenance, welfare, and other benefits. Our students can use the gym and the school library. The school allows one to get a secondary education and pass the matura exam, which entitles the graduate students to continue their education at universities or post-secondary schools.

We offer the following courses:

1) preparation for the matura exam
2) preparation for the primary school final exam

GKJ private high school

At our school:

  • we follow the core curriculum for the general subjects, and we let our students choose 2 to 4 subjects as so called extended curriculum  
  • the general groups are offered additional subjects: cosmetology, hairdressing, architecture, Information Technology, tourism, fitness & wellness
  • it is possible to take up an additional foreign language: English, German, Russian, Spanish, or French. One can start as a beginner or continue at a higher level. 
  • we offer bilingual education - with Spanish or English
  • we have a rich library with a reading room and computers for learning
  • our building is disabled-friendly. 


  • we organise trips to the cinemas, museums, and theatres
  • we take part in sport competitions
  • our students can get different types of scholarship
  • thanks to our public school eligibility, the students are entitled to annuities, child maintenance, and other benefits. 
prywatne liceum łódź

GKJ PRIVATE SCHOOLS Additional classes are a great way to develop Your interests and skills.


    Here, You will learn how to provide Yourself and others with beautiful appearance.

    You will learn how to nurture hair, head skin, and how to cut and comb hair.

    Thanks to these classes, You will learn how to arrange interiors and design gardens.

    This subject lets You look into the work of travel agencies and tour guides.

    Learn how to use application programs and get versed in all possible operating systems.

    If You care for a healthy life style and physical condition, this section is for You. This subject is dedicated mainly to people who are going to make their career related to fitness and dietetics, and who would like to get personal trainer or fitness instructor credentials.