You are invited to join a bilingual class (with English as the language of instruction) with a British and North American specialisation.

If you want to master a language which is the key to all kinds of international contacts and which is indispensable in today’s globalised world, we are happy to present you a new addition to our offer – a class with English as the language of instruction oriented towards the culture of English-speaking countries, especially British and North American.

The intended outcome of education in this class is the development of language competence in students at an advanced level, allowing them to communicate fluently in English and to pass the matriculation examination at bilingual level.

The education cycle in English as the language of instruction with British and North American specialisation lasts 4 years and includes an intensive study of English to the extent of 6 hours per week. In addition to general education subjects in Polish, the syllabus also includes: modern history and geography with elements of culture (with particular emphasis on the USA and UK and their mutual relations). These subjects are taught exlusively in English.

Classes are taught by eminent philologists – experts in the English language area who specialise in the culture of a given region, i.e. the USA or Great Britain, as well as native speakers.

The bilingual marticulation examination, which provides the bilingual high school diploma, makes it possibile to apply for universities in English-speaking countries, without the Reed for any additional proof of language skills. In case of Polish universities, the bilingual diploma gives the possibility of gaining additional points in the recruitment process.

In times of great popularity and wide applications of English, it is not enough to know it cursorily – students of English are expected to have a high level of precision in speaking and the ability to converse on any topic. The bilingual English class with British and North American specialisation meets this challenge.

What else do we guarantee?

- Tutorials for those who are interested, which are of an individual character. During tutorials, teachers explain any doubts concerning the discussed material.

- Periodic conversations with native speakers.

- Second foreign language: German, Spanish, Russian, or French.

- We have prepared LO-GKJ scholarships for the students who achieve the best results in English, i.e. a trip to an intensive English course in one of the English-speaking countries. The average grade from the first and the secondo year will be taken into consideration.

- The choice of subjets to be studied in the so-called extension is made by each student according to his/her own interests.

- We have an English language section in our library (textbooks, dictionaries and literature in English corresponding to the different levels of language proficiency). Students can use them on site or borrow specific volumes to take home.


Recruitment for the year 2021/2022 is based on the grade obtained in English in the semester of the 8th class of primary school, and the result of an interview. The interview will be held in early June. To arrange a specific date, please contact the school secretariat.

Note: Those who have received a grade lower than 4 for the semester of 8th class of primary school will be asked to take a language test. The date is set individually. The subject field for the test will appear on our website in May.