You are invited to join a preparatory class with Polish for foreigners.

If you are a foreigner and you want to start learning Polish at GKJ High School, and master Polish to such an extent so that you will be able to fully participate in the lessons, we encourage you to start learning at our preparatory class with Polish for foreigners.

It is great that you have decided to stay in Lodz. At LO-GKJ we understand that studying in a foreign language country is not an easy task, especially when your language skills do not allow you to communicate freely. The preparatory class with Polish for foreigners is designed for people who are in the same situation as you.

Polish language lessons in the preparatory class take place in an intercultural environment, among people who plan to continue their education at GKJ High School. The programme of the yearly preparatory class (lasting from September to June) includes as many as 20 hours of Polish language lessons per week, starting from scratch. All teachers are qualified and certified to teach Polish as a secondo language. They are native-born Poles and speak foreign languages (including English and Russian).

During the lessons, we focus on the comprehensive development of language skills (listening, speaking, reading, writing). In addition to intensive learning of the Polish language, students are introduced to Polish culture in its practical context through visits to museums, cinemas, theatres, etc.

We use only meticulously selected textbooks, as well as original supporting materials.

After completing the preparatory class, you can continue learning in any of our specialisations without worrying about your language level. The preparatory class will enable you to understand the material covered in lessons, and therefore you will be able to prepare for the matriculation examination. What is more, thanks to such intensive Polish lessons, you will find it easy to live in Poland, and everyday communication in this language will cease to cause problems, and will become a real pleasure.

What else do we guarantee?

- Tutorials for those who are interested, which are of an individual character. During tutorials, teachers explain any doubts concerning the discussed material.

- Reservation of a place in a chosen class / specialisation from our offer in chich the student intends to continue his/her education.

- Periodic conversations with native speakers.

- Second foreign language (to be chosen from the 1st class) : English, German, Spanish, Russian, or French.

- Numerous cultural and sightseeing attractions.

- The choice of subjets to be studied in the so-called extension is made by each student according to his/her own interests in the 1st class.

- In our library, we have a section for teaching Polish as a foreign language (textbooks, dictionaries and literature in English corresponding to the different levels of language proficiency). Students can use them on site or borrow specific volumes to take home.

- The preparatory class is not compulsory for students with at least intermediate level of Polish.

- We cooperate with school dormitories in Lodz – it is possibile to get help in finding accommodation.


Recruitment for the year 2021/2022 is based on the outcome of the interview. The interview may take place in English, Russian, German, Spanish, French, or Polish (at the candidate’s choice). To arrange a specific date, please contact the school secretariat.

Note: Knowledge of the Polish language is NOT required for admission to the preparatory class.