GKJ high school with bilingual sections in Łódź

School's mission is prepare teenagers for entering adulthood in creative and responsible ways.

Due to the high level of education and the effective teaching of foreign languages as well as the meticulous and comprehensive preparation for the matura exam, GKJ High School ranks high on the educational market of secondary schools in Łódź.

In GKJ High School, we provide education under comfortable conditions. We expend care so that the groups can be as small as 18 people in order for the students to make the most of the knowledge offered to them. The lessons are taught in interesting manners, and the teachers explain the scientific twists and turns with patience.

With us, you learn without stress and in a friendly atmosphere, and if you have problems, you can always count on our help.


Full-time high school for teenagers

It has public school eligibility. The education process lasts 4 years (only in the bilingual section with Spanish language, the education lasts 5 years, for it starts from the preparation year concentrated on the language learning). After finishing education, students can take the matura exam - including the choosable bilingual level - and continue their education at Universities in Poland or abroad as well as post-secondary schools. They are also prepared to run their own businesses, especially related to the additional subjects offered by the school: cosmetology, hairdressing, architecture, Information Technology, tourism, fitness & wellness.

The school cooperates with a couple of halls of residence. We teach additional Polish language lessons for the foreign students, and starting from 2021/2022 school year, we launch a preparation group with Polish language.


  • we follow the core curriculum for the general, compulsory high school subjects
  • we offer special interests groups
  • students who want to learn more can count on some individual consultations
  • we offer the following additional subjects to choose from: cosmetology, hairdressing, architecture, Information Technology, tourism, fitness & wellness. After finishing 4 year course, the students get certification!
  • in the tourism section, one can additionally choose to learn an oriental language: Turkish or Arabic
  • we organise trips to the cinema, theatre, museum, and sleigh rides, but also touristic and sightseeing trips (both in Poland and abroad).
  • physical education program is exceptionally varied:


  • trampolines
  • TRX
  • step boards
  • gymnastic balls


  • strength training (numerous facilities: pull-up bars, a weight system, workout benches, weights, exercise bicycles, elliptical trainers, an airbike)
  • boxing
  • self-defence


  • bowling
  • ice skating
  • climbing walls
  • laser games arena, and others


At our school, one can apply for:

  • maintenance grant
  • scholarship
  • GKJ grant intended for the best students of the bilingual groups and realised as an abroad language course
  • discount for paying for a whole year or half a year at a clip, in advance


  • primary school certificate
  • application for admission in school
  • school ID card photo in digital format
  • signed agreement between the school and the parents/legal guardians
  • admissions are dependent on the results of the interview - the number of places is limited.


  • we don't figure in the general on-line recruitment
  • register personally in the school office or do it on-line: www.gkj.edu.pl
  • we accept applications starting from 1 March


93-188 Łódź, ul. Przybyszewskiego 43

tel. +48 42 231 34 34 - the school office

tel. +48 508 309 571 - the school owner

bank account code: 50 1020 3408 0000 4602 0303 7033

High School - GKJ

Certified additional subjects for students of our general secondary school: